September 2017 Newsletter

Community Church
On Sunday 29 May 2016 a few of us attended the Salvation Army Sunday service. This service was to recognize and introduce all the groups using the Community Church. Maureen and Mavis signed The Lord’s Prayer.

2016 summer holidays
It was announced we would be closed during August 2016 as there are usually events on at the Salvation Army Community Church / Centre. The group will, however, be meeting up on Monday evenings at a pub where we can eat/drink if we wish to whilst we chat/sign. Classes started again on Friday 2 September and Monday 5 September 2016.

Young Learner
I want to say huge congratulations to Erin. At just 11 years old, she did a Deaf Awareness and Sign language presentation for her Brownie troop talent show. All the children’s parents and grandparents attended.

She earned her entertainment badge. Her presentation consisted of the vowels (she wore one of our gloves which is a special teaching aid).

She sang and signed

(1) The alphabet
(2) Old MacDonald had a farm
(3) The farmers in his den
(4) One, two, three, four, five; Once I caught a fish alive
(5) Sing a rainbow

I believe it would have also earned her a communication badge to add to all her others. Very well done. We are very proud of you especially as you have only had 4 lessons. You obviously have been practicing at home.


Making donations to support PMP
We originally set up an option for users to make a donation via PayPal to help fund the ongoing running costs of the group. The use of PayPal was discontinued in favour of the GoFundMe service which visitors to our website might find easier to use. However, the link to the GoFundMe page was removed as the campaign was not continued beyond its expiry date. Thank you to those that donated to our group through this method of fund-raising. If you wish to support the group financially, please contact Maureen.

Mayor’s Charity Fund
In April 2015 we received a lovely letter from the Mayor of Sefton’s Office with a cheque to the sum of £259.91 to help our group. Many thanks to the Mayor of Sefton’s Charity Fund.