July 2019 Newsletter

Sign language classes  – new term start dates
Monday 2nd September, 6pm to 8pm
Friday 6th September, 1pm to 3pm

We are closed in December as everyone is so busy getting ready for Christmas with school events and Christmas meals.

Our Christmas meal will be on Thursday 5th December 1pm
at The Mount Pub. Manchester Road. Southport. I will be organising names and menu choices in November.

Monday afternoons
Baby signing with Practice Makes Perfect meet up at The Salvation Army cafe is on throughout the summer holidays – Monday afternoons at 1pm until 2pm. Our class members are welcome to come along too as I will be there for a couple of hours.

Thursdays at the Mount
Our Thursday midweek meal and subtitled movie at The Mount Pub on Manchester Road. Southport will continue throughout the summer holidays. If you would like me to reserve you a seat at our table, please text 07960 984306 on Wednesday before 6 pm. I book on Wednesday evenings. You can of course always ring the Mount or message them via their Facebook page.

Monday 29th July
We had a new mum Natasha with her baby only 15 weeks old.
Her eyes lit up as I was showing her the sign for “milk” and she definitely tried to sign milk before they left.

Emma’s daughter Eva (aged 3) brought along her vegetables and fruit from her kitchen as she wanted to learn the signs for them. She is a very quick learner and is teaching signs to her baby sister Amarah all the time.

This evening was our last class for this term. Many thanks to all who attended and those who made cakes to celebrate Mary’s birthday. Welcome to Sarah, and her daughters Lola and Kate.

We all played the Shopping Game, which was fun for everyone. It’s a great way to use the same signs every time but adding 1 new one as each person took their turn and chose what they had bought. We also love “I went to the zoo”.

We received Resilience Funds of £1,500 in January and we have been able to give BSL dictionaries to our members. We were also able to buy “Topics for Tots” which we laminated and made into flashcards. They have been given to our mums so that they and the children can learn and practice at home. Mavis has been laminating them all so they are durable. Thank you, Mavis.

Thank you to Debbie who has also been doing some laminating for our group. Thank you to Barry for printing out our posters. Some were given out at the Deaf Centre Funday. Thank you Tony for continuing to host our webpage; I do depend on you and
I really appreciate your help. Thank you to all volunteers who have been photocopying our handouts so that all new learners have a set to go with my DVD so that they are able to learn and practice at home.

Have a lovely summer. If you need any help please do email me or message me and I will do my best to help you.

Happy holidays!