Days and times of current classes are listed below:

This is the door to the classes – please do not go to the front of the Salvation Army

MONDAYS 6-8pm &
at Salvation Army
61 Shakespeare Street


There is a fee of £5 per person per session.

Some quotes from members:

Whilst studying for my level 2 in BSL, a friend recommended Practice Makes Perfect as a great place to go to gain more confidence and knowledge, as well as make new friends and interact with people at all stages of learning BSL. I really appreciate everything Maureen and co. did to help me achieve my goals and would recommend the group to anyone.
— Lucy Fowler

Just a short note on how I have benefited from attending sign language. Since joining the class, I have gained confidence and a new skill. With working in a school environment it has opened a lot of opportunities and achievement, and will enhance my prospects in the future.
— Cath

My two children have loved going to sign club (ages 12 & 14). It’s given them an interest outside school and to meet new people, like minded people.They now put together sentences and my daughter can hold a conversation by signing.They love it. Maureen is a great teacher and they see it as fun whilst learning.
— Judith Lee

I’ve found classes very beneficial. Enabled me to learn the basics. I can make myself have a limited conversation with a deaf person – finger-spelling. It is a very worthwhile course. Maureen is to be congratulated.
— Elizabeth

Thanks to Maureen’s teaching. I have found her very helpful and patient in teaching sign language. I have benefited from her teaching.
— Ivy

Updated on 27 February 2024