June 2011 Newsletter

General PMP news
Welcome to Joanne, our new volunteer, who is doing a wonderful job making our refreshments on Monday evenings.

The recent talk for the U3A group was very successful. Over 70 people listened to Maureen give a short talk about why and how our group came to be started. They then joined in to learn fingerspelling and the basics of signing by singing and signing Sing a Rainbow. Everyone had the opportunity of receiving free RNID fingerspelling posters and literature. A cheque for £50 was donated to PMP. One U3A member said: “That’s the most enjoyable and best talk we have ever had.”

Maureen has been adding interesting sites and information she has found to our group’s Facebook page. Please join and pass on information about our Facebook page.

Members, please have a look at this new website – www.signs2go.eu – it may be helpful to you.

We have recently purchased baby signing books and flash cards for both children and adults to use at our classes.

Sutton Signwriting at Gallaudet
For those who attended our Sutton Signwriting Workshop, you may be interested to know that Sutton Signwriting is to be presented at Gallaudet University.

Sign language practice at Shoreline Church
Sign language practice at Shoreline Church on Mornington Road takes place on Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm. This new group, organised by Gary Foulds, got off to a good start last Wednesday [13 April] with Maureen presenting a workshop.

The group is for anyone wanting to learn the basics of sign language as well as pracising with others. Christian signs will also be included. PMP members are welcome to attend and share their skills too.

Nine new people at Monday’s class
Yesterday at our Monday session [18 April] we had 9 new people attending, some of them children, bringing the total attendance to 25. It was a great evening.

Sadly, we are closed for the Bank Holidays. In the meantime, keep practising and see you after the holidays.

Trailer for new short film My Song
A trailer for a new short film called My Song has been released. It was funded by BSLBT and will be shown online and on digital TV on 23 May.

Camping weekend with Sign Circle
Sign Circle is hosting a camping weekend on 22-25 July at Longridge Showground. Events taking place include a drumming workshop, a play bus for kids, a climbing tower, archery, power kite flying, signer Giuseppe Giuranna and deaf comedian John Smith. Visit signcircle.org.uk for more info and order your tickets if you wish to attend.

Learn to Sign Group at Shoreline Church
Shoreline Church is to start a Learn to Sign Group. Maureen will present the first workshop – “An Introduction to Signing” – to church members on Wednesday, 13 April at 7.30pm.

The group members want to learn the basics of sign language to be able to communicate with deaf members of the community as well as Christian signs to use in church. The new group will be encouraged to continue learning and practising sign language with the support of Practice Makes Perfect members on Monday evenings.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the church group, please contact Gary Foulds on 07540 777188 or at our Monday evening class.

Diversity Day at Southport College
Diversity Day at Southport College on Wednesday, 9 March. PMP information stand in entrance 11am-3pm. Workshop in conference room at 12pm. Volunteers required to man the stand for an hour or two to give out RNID fingerspelling and sign language booklets. Please get in touch.

Census 2011
Census 2011 takes place on 27 March. Help for deaf people with filling in the form will be available at the Information & Awareness Day on 26 March.

Subtitles now available on ITV Player
Subtitles are now available on the ITV Player for programmes such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale. It is their aim to have subtitles available for 70% of catch-up content.