November 2013 Newsletter

2013 Annual General Meeting
Our last Monday session for 2013 will be on 25 November. We will have our AGM then as well. Maureen will also bring some cakes. Classes re-start on 13 January 2014.

Lip-reading practice
If you need to practice your lip-reading skills, please check out this website:

Teaching BSL in Germany
Stefan, teacher of sign language to 10-12 year olds in Germany, is introducing BSL and English to his pupils. He has created lip pattern symbols to go with Valerie Sutton’s Sign Writing symbols. He has been watching Maureen’s DVD Basic Sign Language and has now started to teach the children English and BSL He has produced BSL Signwriting alphabet and also our group’s name in sign writing, and they are on our Facebook as well as in the Great Britain dictionary on

Talk for Trifoil Group
In September Maureen did a talk for the Trifoil Group in Crossens. She received a donation of £35, and sold some items raising £13.50.

Community Development Foundation grant
We have received £1,500 from the Community Development Foundation ( This money is to be used towards venue costs, Internet use, travel and an e-book for sign language apps.